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The requirement of informed consent

Satisfying our customers is at the heart of our concerns.


" Don't buy anything without seeing it first. "

American proverb; A dictionary of american proverbs (1992)


Article 1108 of the Civil Code provides, in particular, under “conditions are essential for the validity of an agreement”, the consent of the parties.


Consent on the Internet is something important, especially since contracts are concluded electronically without the physical and simultaneous presence of the protagonists. The automation of contract formation processes considerably increases the risk of error resulting from the misuse of automatic forms or a misunderstanding of the purpose and conditions of offers accessible online.


This risk of error must be reduced as much as possible.  


This is why purchasing on the Gatsby Entertainment site respects the “double click” principle. The buyer must click twice before definitively confirming his order.


  • 1st step: the offer. The consumer is informed with precision of the characteristics of the good or service he wishes to buy: This is the reason why Gatsby Entertainment constantly strives to present its products and services as precisely as possible:

  • by setting up a “Photo Charter”: each item put up for sale on the site is the subject of a gallery of photographs sufficiently representative of the object to best compensate for the lack of visual verification of its state ;

  • by the most exact description of the object;

  • by inviting the visitor either to be on site in our Showroom, or to talk by telephone with an adviser or, if it is a Babylone signature, with the creator who restored the property.

  • 2nd step: filling the basket. The consumer chooses the products he wants to buy.

  • 3rd step: the first click, the verification of the basket. The checks the contents of his basket and if he wishes to modify it.

  • 4th step: the second click, confirmation of the basket. The consumer confirms the will to buy the products which are in his basket.

  • 5th step: confirmation of the order. Gatsby Entertainment notifies the order.


This is also the reason why Gatsby Entertainment offers its visitors the possibility of buying "on request": you can indeed request a quote either from your "Wishlist" or from us. describing your search. In the latter case, we will make suggestions among the products we have available.


Great deal.


The Gatsby Entertainment Team.

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