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Flagship more than 2 meters long, luminous base, original colors and accessories, brushed aluminum ashtrays, functional coin mechanism, delirious playability. A magnificent and rare masterpiece. The body is in walnut. All game bars have a side shift function.


"Patented SGDG", abbreviation of without government guarantee, is a legal notice under the law of patents. This statement was established by the law of July 5, 1844 Art.33 1 which provides that patents are granted "without prior examination, at the risk and peril of the applicants, and without guarantee either of the reality, of the novelty or of the merit of the invention, or of the fidelity or the exactness of the description". This mention disappeared in 1968.


Keywords: table football, collectible, old, vintage, retro, pinball machine, terminal, arcade, bistro, game, café, jukebox

Table football "BOOLLY-FOOT" from the BOUNHOL establishments of the 1940s (Ref. BBDV0002)

  • H90 x W210 x D120

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