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Very rare antique bistro foosball hockey game, restored by Babylone, registered trademark by Gatsby Entertainment.


To be played with four players.

"Patented SGDG", which was in France a legal notice releasing the State from any responsibility for the proper functioning of the patented device. This mention was established by the law of July 5, 1844 art. 331, which provides that patents are granted "without prior examination, at the plaintiffs' risk and peril, and without warranty either as to the reality, novelty or merit of the invention, or as to the faithfulness or accuracy of the the description ". This mention disappeared in 1968.


Keywords: table football, collectible, old, vintage, retro, pinball machine, terminal, arcade, bistro, game, café, jukebox

Old bistro hockey game restored by Babylone (Ref. AJB0005)

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