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Tailor-made customization

Outils industriels

Would you like one of our items renovated according to your wishes?


Gatsby Entertainment has more than 100 fooSball tables just waiting to be renovated. Thus, in addition to those on display on our site, Gatsby Entertainment can personalize its other tailor-made items.  in our Villers-Cotterêts workshops after an estimate has been drawn up.

So, after choosing from our games, you  you can decide, in particular, on the general appearance (nature, varnish, leather, felt, cowhide, zebra, paint, etc.), the type of carpet (gerflex, leather, imitation leather, etc.) and its color, the appearance of the players (in their own juice, repainted, brushed, polished, chrome, gilded, ...), the type of ashtrays, the type of abacuses, etc ...

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