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Foosball Glossary

Automatically blocking a ball coming from behind with attackers. Self-locking is a very widespread technique in the
  baby foot  which testifies to a certain mastery of playing techniques.


To sweep up :
Move the ball quickly under a player or from one player to another on the same bar.


Bandaged :

Scoring is the act of shooting using the edges of the Foosball so that, after bouncing, the ball arrives at an angle towards the goal.


Outer band:
Making an outside band means hitting the ball against the wood on the opposing side.


Inner band:
Making an inside band means hitting the ball against the wood on your side.


A barrette is the accumulation of 10 points. Very often we then take away a point from the adversary.


Locking in cassette:
When the ball is blocked behind the player.


Blocking in trade:
When the ball is blocked in front of the player.

Name of the two bars of five players located in the middle


The absolute shame in foosball. This is a defeat with a score of zero or negative. According to the rules, the "Fanny at the counter" can be required and the losing team offers a round to its adversaries!

Bowl or saucepan:
When the ball enters the cage and then comes out having hit the bottom of it.


Throw from the back countered by the opponent resulting in a goal.

Big :
Act of blocking the ball in front of a player and making a direct shot with this same player unless the ball has not been moved between the moment of blocking the ball and that of the shot

When the ball goes over the goal post.


Wash bottle:
The pissette designates a winning shot from the outside attacker at a steep angle which passes between the defender and the goalkeeper.


Rake or saw:

When a player tries to pass the ball to his strikers from the halfbacks, if the opponent makes a lateral movement with his halfbacks thus deflecting the ball and preventing the player from blocking it with his forwards, then there is " rake".


Fish or go fishing:
The fact of shooting, of scoring the goal, then of going to seek the ball in the cages before it goes down again.


Reprise :
There are two recovery situations: either when the ball comes from the back or from the backs, and the attacker shoots without controlling the ball. The other situation is less prestigious, it is when during a shot, the ball is not framed, bounces against the wood, and the attacker takes it directly.


One or more quick rotations of the bars or letting go of the handles. Prohibited in some cafes.


New ball therefore slippery and difficult to play.



Technique which consists in twisting the bar of the defenders to touch the opposing attacker in a waiting blocking position, thus preventing the latter from controlling the ball. In addition to damaging the table football, there is a risk of greatly irritating the opponent... In short, to be avoided.

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