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Deposit sale


Deposit-sale by
Gatsby Entertainment

Sometimes you have to dare to reinvent the wheel.


Our first objective is to make your life easier when selling and buying your used Bistro games and Jukeboxes.


We support you in this process by offering 2 formulas:

- Physical deposit-sale: the property is kept and is visible on our site during its sale;

- Virtual deposit-sale: the property remains with the seller during its sale.





  1. An exact estimate of the goods. Gatsby Entertainment makes a free estimate of Bistro or Jukebox games by clicking here .

  2. The guarantee of a contract and a secure transaction.

  3. If applicable, transport of the insured goods.

  4. Products exhibited and sold by our advisers on our website as well as on other specialized sites and/or in our Showroom.

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Deposit sale

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