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Magnificent FINALE foosball table completely restored by Babylone. A foosball table that serves as a dining table or high bar table. The battery-operated multicolored LED lighting avoids the reflections of an external light. A unique piece for your home.


You will be comfortably seated around your football table transformed into a table thanks to its overflowing glass top to go beyond the handles and offer you a comfortable seat. The rectangular tray can accommodate 6 people. Very good playability.


It's both a real football table and a real table.


For seamless integration, Gatsby Entertainment can offer a range of matching chairs.


Keywords: table football, collectible, old, vintage, retro, pinball machine, terminal, arcade, bistro, game, café, jukebox

FINAL dining foosball table restored by Babylone (Ref. BBB0004)

  • H120 x W180  x P120

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