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World Cup Soccer The World Cup Soccer was produced by Bally Manufacturing Co., Chicago Illinois, USA in 1967. This is an 8-player electromechanical foosball game with 8 levers and a weather vane on each side. Push the lever forwards or backwards and the player will follow thanks to the use of wires under the playing field. Can be played from 2 to 8 players (8 to 2 controllers per player + Goal) The ideal is to meet in number, guaranteed atmosphere . Rare and fun game, easy to maintain and reliable.


This game is in good working order.


Production: 868 units. So very rare device, especially in Europe.


Import from USA.


Keywords: table football, collectible, old, vintage, retro, pinball machine, terminal, arcade, bistro, game, café, jukebox

Bally World Cup 1967 Football Game Table - Original (Ref. AJDV0002)

  • H98 x W140.5 x D77.5

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